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List of contractors, artisans, advisors, and others who have contributed to the restoration and care of this home.

The contributions of general contractor Sid Loving can't be overstated. His dedication to the faithful restoration of the home is clear in every detail.

Sid personally selected and specified placement of every piece of redwood in the home, using individual lengths of wood that travel from the front of the house into the living room, around the corners of the dining room and into the hallway.

Having just finished several large Beverly Park homes Sid was looking for a passion project, a single house he could spend a year working on, a return to craftsmanship. He found that in this restoration project and I believe it was among his proudest professional achievements.

I'm forever grateful to Sid Loving.

Tyler House John Lautner Wood Detail 1.j

95–96 Restoration Partners






Sid Loving

Serafin Hernandez

Tracy Stone

Helena Arahuete

Frank Escher

Current Maintenance Partners

Redwood Maintenance



Brian Miller Woodworking

Moreno Painting

Green Cactus Landscaping

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